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Discrimination in Healthcare

Whether you have seen it or been a victim of it yourself, discrimination in healthcare is very real. Receiving poor care or none at all because of your race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc., is very possible. With my website, I hope to inform POCs, current physicians, future physicians, and the general public what adequate treatment should be. And I'm not talking about the actual procedures. I'm talking about treating any and all patients as humans. For this first post, I will provide an informational pamphlet of major ways in which one can be discriminated against in the healthcare field.

Racial Discrimination in Healthcare
Download PDF • 1.82MB

How many of you have had your treatment and healthcare affected as a result of your race, ethnicity, gender, etc?

  • Yes, I have. Because of my gender.

  • Yes, I have. Because of my race.

  • Yes, I have. Because of my religion.

  • Yes, I have. Because of my sexuality.

Feel free to talk about your experience. The best way for me to make a change with my initiative is by knowing what the problem is.


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