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Why I started HealthCare for All

As a health professions student, I have been trained to always put my patients needs before my own. As of now, I am working toward attaining my certified nursing assistant certification at my school. I started brainstorming what some issues in my community were and how I could make an impact now. And it led me to...racial discrimination in the health field. Racial discrimination is everywhere, including in places where the people who are meant to help us pledge to be "colorblind" and treat everyone equally regardless of the circumstances. My website brings attention to such issues and provides informational pamphlets that can teach you and your loved ones the proper way to be treated when you step into a health facility. Not only does it target victims of racial discrimination, but the physicians who provide care. Both current and future medical professionals can stay informed about the differences in culture and how it impacts one's care and willingness to receive it.  

Thank you for taking the first step to make healthcare for all, 


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